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This gift, torn from eternity, a time fragment thrown away at the first cry of protest, lingers over-worn, threadbare, on creaking bones half dissolved memories, wearing out park benches in the evenings awaiting its return to time itself.





Isn't the air we breathe to live
A gift embracing the earth around?
The drinking water, clear and cool
The gift of a sparkling mountain spring?
The gift of a spreading mango tree
Delicius fruits so sweet, you see.
A thorny bush's gift, you guess,
Are fragrant roses of pretty hues.
The life sustaining light on earth
Isn't it a gift of a distant sun?
The graceful purr of a homely cat
Surely, the gift of a friendly pet.
The shade in a dusty desert road
The gift of a lonely avenue tree.
The divine baby in Bethlehem born
By angels told to shepherds few
Isn't He the gift of heavenly grace
For love of us, the human race?
Salvation is the gift of God
Offered free for total faith


C D Norman


HELLO!(Happy Cellphone-times!)

You produce...........
vibrant waves
in my head,
each time
your voice comes alive
again,in my cell,
knowing all's well
at the other end
of the wave!

By Suresh R Norman

A Rash moment

All the joys of life he had'nt yet seen -
He killed himself and no one knows why -
There, sat his mother,trying not to cry;
Thinking ,grief stricken,inside her head -
"My son,my son,why is he dead?
I did everything a good mother should -
My son,my son - he's gone for good!"

He topped his class,had friends and all;
Young and handsome,thin and tall,
looking at him one could never tell,
That deep inside he was'nt too well.
His friends they said "Oh,we'll miss that guy!"
But the question remained - 'How?' and 'Why?'

Perhaps, the pressures of life were too much,
Or may be,brains and charm weren't enough!
He may have escaped,but what good did it do?
What dreams of his did it help him pursue?
What went through his mind - we'll never know
But,for his mother to watch him grow
For nineteen years;
Then see him take his life away -
The pain is more than words can say.

I sympathize for her - she did nothing wrong.
I sympathize for him - he wasn't too strong.
What can I say?What's done is done.
That poor lady lost her son.
He entered this world a bright,  happy boy
But left us all,deprived of joy.

Praveena Dewars
      X A

Evening Showers


Clouds of glory
fill the sky,
is it evening?
(Or where am i?)
The songbirds flap
their wings and fly,
when will these
showers cease
so i too
can kiss the sky?

Suresh Norman

Can you see?

Can you see
beauty in pain?
in the shimmering light
of loneliness.
Is it good
to be understood
or not at all?

Can you see
the light that rises
o'er the dimness of night?
like the mist on the waves-
the spiritual glow
of cosmic reality!

Can you see
the curtains of the
great nebula parting
to reveal more wonders
than the mind
already knows?

Can you see
the lines,
the complex patterns
that truth declares
in the outer voids.
Can you see this space?

Can you see
the love,
from distant stars
that came upon the earth?
which shone ablaze
from the Saviour's face?
Can you?

Suresh Norman


He knows the forces well,
who made the atom and the cell.......
Whose infinite genius we see,
in Nature
with its diversity.
Causing galaxies to swim
through the nether regions
so thin!
And making light to shine
in your eyes and mine
who walk so tall
upon this earth
this infinitesimal speck
of worth!

Great Nature sublime,
what sweet lores
you bring!
To fill our hearts
with mystery thrill!
Ten thousand laws
have gone to form us,
and remind us
from whence we came

Echoes from our lips
Who am I?
and why am I thinning?
is matter spirit,or another form?
What is life? Being?
Then what of nothingness & non-being?

Can grey-haired men declare
the secrets of this life of care?
How many are born
without a birth?
and how many die
without a birth,
of knowledge rare,
love so fair
and wisdom of the Highest!

Suresh Norman

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